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Other use full tips is when you rub the cellulite cream on try do it after you just had a hot bath or shower.

In the morning if you have time cup your hand and smack you legs and tummy till they are red then add the cream.

These methods are just to enhance your blood flow and help move the cellulite out your body important parts to smack is behind your knees and under your belly button as your lymph nodes are there and this helps activating them to clean your body of fat.If you find smacking a bit painful try pinching yourself gently this can also be done while you sitting at your desk.

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This is a product made in china.Its formula is a USA advanced formula. The way it works is once you have rubbed it on it seems to get hot,tingly and somehow it obviously makes your blood flow and with the ingredients it eliminates the cellulite.This product has a label on it saying 3 days 3 centimetres slimming and fitting cream. This is a product i suggest as it really works for me but if any allergic reactions or other health problems occur stop use and consult a medical practioner. 1 dollars will get you the name of the product so you can go off and buy it .Happy cellulite reduction.If you cant find product in your country contact me via e mail and for a 15 dollars i will get it and send it to you (includes postage).

GINGER is the future.This herb is good for digestion problems,cleans your blood and also helps with weight loss. What i suggest is that at least twice a day after meals add quarter teaspoon into a cup of boilling water and add some honey and drink. At first you wont like it but after a while you will feel addicted and will feel your body needs the ginger. If you have low blood pressure ginger can lower it more so try it out if you dont feel well stop taking it.

Over the counter health pills that works

$ 1 USD

This product is amazing i take 4 in the morning 5 at lunch time you will see and feel the weight drop off within 2 months it is great.It stops cravings,gives you lots of energy and boy you actually have to remind yourself to eat.If you have a health problem check with your doctor or if you get a health problem or lower the dosage. 1 dollar will get you the name of product .If you want to buy it from me it will cost 50 dollars.(price includes postage)

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